Sunday 16 December 2012

Hidden Cities - Season 1

It's like two years back, in 2010 when I went on my Singapore journey and joined Mediafreaks. The first project on which I worked was my first documentary -  Hidden Cities  for History Channel Asia consisting of 4 episodes from which 2 were already been done when I arrived. So I started with a lot of shots from episode 3 - Indonesia, where I did camera animation as well as modelling of the mountain.

All the graphics are not online, so I only put those which I can get for now.

Episode 3 - Indonesia

(camera animation only)

Hidden Cities Episode 3 Kota Gede from Mediafreaks on Vimeo.

Hidden Cities Episode 3 Temple Kedulan from Mediafreaks on Vimeo.

Episode 3 - Indonesia

(model, populated the temples and camera animation, including comp for the first one)

Building a mountain was another challenge, as modelling was not my primary tool. Adding more to that there was another graphics which needed transition from map graphic to 3d, for which was required to use After Effects.

Hidden Cities Episode 3 Indonesia Hindu Buddhist Kingdom from Mediafreaks on Vimeo.

Hidden Cities Episode 3 Prambanan from Mediafreaks on Vimeo.

Episode 4 - Taiwan

(textured, lighting & rendering including compositing)

Being loaded with too many graphics in episode 3, the next one came with lesser graphics. Most of the graphics were map, only couple were 3d.

In this episode I mostly worked on AE map graphics, and on a 3d graphics. I was given another challenging task which was to create a final look for one of the 3d graphic in 3ds Max. I learned the tools as well as keeping my eyes on the deadline. I begun my experimentation on that graphics and I got my first production render.

Hidden Cities Episode 4 Jaishan Tunnel from Mediafreaks on Vimeo.

I don't know if you can see, but there are miniature military personal in there, which I  posed accordingly.

Being a Maya user since 2005, it was totally new to me to produce on the software which I haven't got experience with, but it just some tools needed to know about.

Being with a very cooperated team I get pass through all the challenges and was able to achieve the goal. The schedule for this project was tight, but we pulled it off well with better results than expected. Starting months there were jam pack.

Later on due to its success, there was Season 2, in which I have worked heavily. It was more of an experimental project for me as I always trying new stuff in there. It was quiet interesting project to work on, learning about the countries' hidden places and their history behind it which I found quiet fascinating.

Check out their main site for more details:


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