Tuesday 22 September 2015

Genesis by Panoply

Genesis by Panoply
A while back I came across a cool CG abstract piece which was so great that it stuck in my head and whenever I watch it, it always inspires. This is Genesis with great visuals by a design company Panoply and amazing sound design by Echoic Audio. After watching the clip, if you like to see how it was done, do check out it's making.

Info about the clip from Vimeo:
Through a combination of powerful imagery and atmospheric pace Genesis dares us to fleetingly glimpse our own origins, our civilisation and the known universe. Drawing heavily on a visual currency distilled from the subconscious and the psychology of self, we are taken on a stark journey marrying rippling, organic forms with stern, unyielding geometry.
Concept, Design & Direction | Panoply
Audio | Echoic Audio


Genesis from Panoply on Vimeo.

Making of Genesis

Making of Genesis from Panoply on Vimeo.




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