Monday 16 December 2013

Creative Task of the Week #7 - Meet Aunt Renie (StoryMOOC)

This week at, The Future of Storytelling aka StoryMOOC is about Aunt Renie, little, elderly lady, who’s always enjoyed lots of company.


Help Renie travel the world:

Write, draw, compose, film, design Aunt Renie little adventure in your neighbourhood. Tell a day in her life in your hometown, write down a recipe she has collected, or paint the contents of her suitcase.

You are absolutely free in regard to what medium or format you use to tell your story. Just make it about Aunt Renie and her adventures.

Meet Aunt Renie

For Aunt Renie, language is not a bearer as she is multilingual. Nevertheless, here is one of the page from her recent entry from her diary which written in German and translated to English for English audience. Thanks Aunt Renie for sharing that.
Renie is a little, elderly lady, who’s always enjoyed lots of company. When her best friend dies, she decides to not be sad but instead use the time left to travel the world and explore as many new countries and cultures as she can.

Dearest Dairy,

I wake up with a pondering heavy rainfall and my new companion climbing all over me who I fell in love with on first sight when I arrived. I don't want to leave her behind, so I tag her along with me.

By the time we went off, the rain had stopped. We traveled some streets and found ChocoMuseo, a chocolate museum. It was a jackpot. Me entering the world of chocolates again, hahaha, last time I faint in Brussels, Belgium for eating too many. I did resist more this time.

Later in the evening I decided to went for La Mar restaurant, where I had a nice meal with a great wine. I invaded the young couple who were on the next table. I think they were on their first date. But guess what, I spend three hours with them, talking, laughing, sharing stories, what a wonderful people.

Next I went for cultural show Folklore Nights where I'd chance of showing off, and this time to Peruvians with my newly learnt Russian Kalinka Dance. I can see their faces, it was a priceless moment. Folklore Nights was an interesting and colourful show. The energy was great and a lot of dance varieties from different regions of Peru. They didn't allow me to get my cat in, but I had my way, hehehe. I did have problems in getting the cab though, but I met some nice kind couple, who arranged it for me.

The driver was nice, telling about his daughter who just started walking and how much he enjoys going to Marcahuasi for a family hiking. He drop me off and I was back to my comfy hotel room for one more night.

It's 2am now as I'm writing, me and my cat are hungry. We will just eat some brownie and have a hot coco and will go to bed.

Another great and last adventurous day in Lima, Peru. Next destination Cusco :)

Aunt Renie



  1. So glad to hear Aunt Renie is having a great time as she travels the world.

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