Tuesday 17 December 2013

StoryMOOC Week #8 - Thank You (Auf Wiedersehen)

Last week at StoryMOOC aka The Future of Storytelling is a special one, with a special assignment and some great interesting news.

The Future of Storytelling
The Future of Storytelling

First I like to thank the StoryMOOC Team:  #storymooc

Prof. Winfried Gerling
Prof. Constanze Langer
Christina Maria Schollerer @crossmedienne
Julian van Dieken @julianvandieken
Bernadette Klausberger
Jannes Schwentuchowski
Alexandra Schulz

And all the guest lecturers.

Rebecca Ahlen, Dr. Mark Butler, Prof. Dr. Jan Distelmeyer, Des Doyle, Cornelia Funke, Maria Grau Stenzel, Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Hobohm, Patrick Möller, Robert Pratten, Grit Schuster, Michael Straeubig, Mark Wachholz

Thank you, it was an awesome journey.

Check out StoryMOOC world over participants map: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=695139

A new development from StoryMOOC Team from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam on iversity website:
For everyone who has signed up before December 20th, all the course materials will stay available on Iversity for at least a YEAR. (So if you still want to catch up on the lessons, quizzes and creative tasks, don't worry, and don't hesitate!)

All the lessons will also go up on Aunt Renie's channel, and don't forget that Youtube enables the implementation of subtitles - so if you want to add some in your language (using Amara, perhaps), please go for it!

Alexandra Schulz
It's a great opportunity, so remember the date December 20th and get yourself enrolled :)

There was a special post posted in Google + by one of the community member Maureen Maher, where we are trying to compile all the Aunt Renie adventures.

Direct link #AuntRenie – Aunt Renie's World Tour

And lastly a list of all the assignments I have done in these seven weeks:

Creative Task of the Week #7 – Meet Aunt Renie
Creative Task of the Week #6 – Location Based Story
Creative Task of the Week #5 – Digital Games
Creative Task of the Week #4 – Inspiration
Creative Task of the Week #3 – Fictional Character
Creative Task of the Week #2 – Character Profile
Creative Task of the Week #1 – Dogville

Thank you once again #StoryMOOC and do remember to enroll #mooc to "The Future Of Storytelling" on @iversity by 20th December 2013


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