Friday 26 December 2014

The Universe by Ian Watt

The Universe by Ian Watt
This blog post suppose to be posted two months ago, but anyway here is it now.

The Universe directed & written by talented Ian Watt takes us on a journey of exploration of our minds. It reminds me of Terrence Malick's film The Tree of Life.

Check out the vimeo link of The Universe to find links to original script w/ deleted scenes and music references and exclusive interview with LathanMag on the REAL story behind the film.

A young man takes his first leap into what it means to wonder and philosophize, as he imaginatively renders his unique thought experiences in visual form. The film examines what it means to truly be; not only to merely exist, but to engage, reflect, and respond to the world around us.
Written and Directed by Ian Watt
Produced by Creator Collective in association with Culture Creator
Starring Alec Mangum
(In order to fully experience the film, I highly recommend reading the preface below)

The Universe from Ian Watt on Vimeo.

This film explores some major concepts, but two of them are simple: places and spaces. Places are merely physical locations, with often no meaning attached to them. However, a simple, empty room can be formed into a space; turned into a place of meeting, creativity, innovation, and community. Places are often beautiful, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, but they only become spaces when we engage with them. When we experience beauty, peace, or joy from a place, our reflections and responses to the place are what create an experience, as well as the emotions that we feel.
Here's the problem, when we reflect during an experience, or bring pre-conceived notions to an experience, we arent truly experiencing. Reflection must exclusively follow experience.
This film is about experiences of the mind. Places of the mind are merely thoughts, ideas, concepts. When we engage with the places of our own minds, we create spaces. Spaces to dream, to think, to create, to become. In this film, a young man engages with some big concepts for the very first time, and as an audience we get to see the spaces he creates and explores. And with that, we get to explore alongside him, and ask ourselves the very questions that he does.
With that, please enjoy The Universe.
Shot with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera
Rokinon 16mm f/2.0
Metabones BMPCC SpeedBooster
Glidecam HD4000


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