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Creative Task of the Week #6 - Location Based Story (StoryMOOC)

Another weekly assignment aka creative task of the week #6 at StoryMOOC - The Future of Storytelling is about creating location-based story (LBS) or game. I choose to go with a location-based story, and as we can re-use the character which we created in our third week, I'll be using my fictional character Renaud Quandt. You can read a base story of the character at Week 3 - Fictional Character. My assignment is just the basic part only.


The Basics:

1. Pick 3-5 locations in a two mile radius that you know very well. (e.g. a tree, a building, a church tower, …, whatever you like)
2. Take the character you created in Chapter #3 (or create a new one if you prefer).
3. Use both, the locations and characters to tell a little site-specific, location-based story. (One example is shown below.)

The Complete Package:

4. Go out and lay out the traces at your chosen locations.
5. Just post a logline (a summary of your game in just 1 line/sentence) here/on the web together with a description of your starting point, so others can actually find and play/follow your location-based story/game.
6. Play & experience! : )

Note: If wishes, all the locations could be followed on google map and could be walk around. The co-ordinates are given.

Hint: Use ° ' "

Location: Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Location Based Story:

Just after receiving a mysterious letter from Aunt Renie, Renaud Quandt, a 24-year-old Dutchman decided to find that woman. He haven't heard or known her, but she knows all about him and his family. Next morning, he and his friend Leeka traveled all the way to Berlin to find out the answers. Because of the content in the letter, he has to make an immediate journey.

Hotel Märkischer Hof at Linienstraße 133
Hotel Märkischer Hof at Linienstraße 133

They checked-in in Hotel Märkischer Hof at Linienstraße 133 (+52°31'35", +13°23'17") as Aunt Renie has stated it in her letter. Upon receipt, the hotel manager slide the small piece of paper to him. To Renaud surprise, there were only numbers on that paper, nothing else. The manager doesn't know what it's all about. The paper read, "523133132352."

Both, Renaud and Leeka, trying to figure out what these number meant.
Leeka: 12 digits long, is it a phone number?
Renard: hmm, doesn't look like it, might be the location co-ordinates...
Well, once Renaud figured it out that it was in fact the co-ordinates, it was easier for them to find out their target location. The place was almost 800-900 metres away and it surprised them to know it was a hospital.

They head east on Oranienburger Straße, and took turn on Auguststraße. After walking straight for a bit, they turned right on to Große Hamburger Straße and reached their destination in about 8-12 minutes at St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus (St. Hedwig Hospital)

St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus at Große Hamburger Straße 5-11
St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus at Große Hamburger Straße 5-11

Till now a lot of questions were raising in his head, but he just follow along and went in to ask for Aunt Renie.
Receptionist: Oh, Aunt Renie! Hold on.

The receptionist went in and a young woman surgeon comes out. She took them on a side and introduced her.
Surgon: Hi, you must be Renaud. You are grown up. Sorry, I'm Milena Soltau, daughter of "Aunt Renie." She must be your girl friend Leeka.

It was fascinating for Renaud to know that she knew so much about him and his family.
Renard: Nice to meet you, Milena. You know everything about us. I received a letter from her, dated 10 years back. She also wrote that she knows the cause of my parents dead. Do you know where can I find her?
Milena: I know you might have a lot of questions, and the only person who could answer these, was my mother. I am really really sorry but she recently passed away.Renard: I'm sorry to hear that.Milena: Your parents were good people. Their dead was a tragedy. The people involved are not that nice. So be careful.

Renard realised that finding truth about his parents was not that easy. Before they left, he asked where was she buried.

Invalidenfriedhof Cemetery at Scharnhorststraße 33
Invalidenfriedhof Cemetery at Scharnhorststraße 33

The Invalidenfriedhof Cemetery was about 2.4 km away and it took them 30 minutes. After searching her tombstone, they found her. Renaud was disappoint to see this. He came all the way to just found out nothing. But the thought of receiving note from the manger lead him to her daughter. Do it mean that the cemetery will lead them further too?

Finally there was some hope for Renaud to find the clue. And there it was the twelve digit number.

Aunt Renie (1945-2013)
Aunt Renie (1945-2013)

Leeka quickly checked "523150132240," and found its location. She told Renaud that it was not that far, almost 650-750 metres away.

They head southeast on Scharnhorststraße toward Habersaathstraße and took the first left turn on to Habersaathstraße and then took the two right turn and there it was  Institute for Theoretical Biology where his mother used to work. It took them 8-10 minutes.

Institute for Theoretical Biology Berlin at Invalidenstraße 43
 Institute for Theoretical Biology Berlin at Invalidenstraße 43

They were on the entrance of the Institute for Theoretical Biology (ITB), suddenly two policemen bring out a aged-ed woman in her research gown hand cuffed and they walked passed between them. Renaud met the eyes of the woman and she quickly grab something from her pocket and drop something while passing them. Renaud quickly hide it, without them noticing. He waited for them until it was safer for him to check out the note.

When he opened the note, there was nothing other than, "sehen Sie Ihren Rücken" which means "watch your back."


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