Monday 9 December 2013

Creative Task of the Week #5 - Digital Games (StoryMOOC)

The creative task of the week 5 is all about digital games in StoryMOOC "The future of Storytelling" at I've not been a gamer, but I do played few titles.


 Please think about and write down/film/tape/...
- a short introduction/summary/abstract of the game
- and what impressed you most (interface, story, gameplay, characters, ...)
- and think about what story it told/how this story was interwoven/used in the game.

My pick for this week assignment is none other than God of War Series. I have only played first and second part on PS2 and it was one of the first games I remember finishing it.

God of War I & II
God of War I & II

About the Game:

God of War is a third person single player, categorized as an action-adventure game, based on Greek mythology. It consists of a lot of bloody combats and at the same time solving puzzles.
“The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me. Now there is no hope.”
This game is a journey of the mortal Spartan warrior, Kratos, who accidentally and brutally killed his wife and child in the battle serving Ares and to avenge their dead.

In the battle with barbarians, Kratos find himself helpless, where he called upon Ares, the God of War to destroy his enemies in return of serving him. Kratos battles many wars for Ares until the day he ignores village oracle warning and enters one of Athena's temple where he end up slaughtering his own wife and child. It was a dirty trick played by Ares to remove distractions from Kratos life in making him greatest warrior.


The main thing which I enjoyed most was the game-play and its visuals. The visual were purely great and the render look totally stunning. Because of the game was on epic scale it has beautiful scenery. The animations were too good, I liked the weapon which Kratos uses, the blades. It upgraded as you go further along in the story. The character interaction and attack mode worked like a charm which adds a great user experience. There were no time-wasting segments and no delays in loading. I can just say it was a perfect game experience for me.

So it was combination of good game-play, nice music to support, beautiful imagery, unique character designs and great combats with the enemies which made me captive through out.


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