Tuesday 18 December 2012

AM - A&C: Class 1 - Progress Reel

Busy period has been over for a while, it's time for a little break. Well not totally, still the work load is keep on increasing and the deadlines are getting tighter and tighter. I can only try to get some proper sleep as the next session will be a lot tougher.

I learned a lot in Animation Mentor - Animals & Creatures: Master Class. It's amazing to see that I made it through the Class 1: Introduction to Animal & Creature Animation. It was tough especially when you are working. It was a great experiences during which I met talented animators from Canada, Taiwan, Australia, U.S and Singapore. They were awesome, inspiring and helping all the way in one way or other. Hope to see you guys around.

I'd a really cool mentor, Nicole Herr, and going to continue the Class 2 with her. She really pushed everyone hard to achieve what we have. Looking at my last reel made my wonder that I was missing tons of stuff. With the start of AM, I guess I've entered into the real learning for the art of animation. A new beginning.

Looking forward to Class 2: Advanced Creature Production in January 2013. As promised, here is my progress reel for Class 1: Introduction to Animal & Creature Animation.

AM - A&C: Class 1 - Progress Reel from Aabid A. K. Dhamani on Vimeo.



  1. gr8 work buddy Best of luck for ur next semister (Y) :)

  2. Good job, Thanks for sharing the nice blog.


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