Thursday 3 November 2005

Palm Reading & my views..

Posted by Bagepalli Sriramadesikan Srinivasan on Sat Jul 16, 2005 9:26 am at

The hand is more towards spatulate type indicates restless nature, excitable but full of energy and enthusiasm. If hand is soft and flabby it denotes restlessness but irritable spirits, working in fits and starts and you cannot stick to anything.

The hand shows intense love of action in the domain of ideas and invention.

Finger of saturn appears predominant with all the fingers leaning towards it. This shows predominance of seriousness and morbidity.

The long finger of sun points towards desire for speculation and craving for notoriety.

The first phalanges of fingers are long -indicate love of idealism in all things.

The firm jointed thumb shows more practical bent of mind, strong will, stubborn determination, strong character, more cautious and secretive nature, advancement by slow steps, rule with strength and keen sense of justice. Waist like second phalange indicates tact born of mental power.

Life line and line of head joined together at the commencement indicates sensitive, nervous temperament and excess of caution. Small hair lines descending from life line show loss of vitality throughout life.

The line of head is straight in the first half and sloping then onwards indicates balance between purely imaginary and purely practical, level headed, commonsense way of working even while dealing with imaginative things. The chain like formation shows want of fixity of ideas and indecision.

The chained line of heart points to weakness and changeability of affections and as it bends towards line of head affections are marred by logic and reason.

Line of fate rising from line of life at the age of 25 indicates personal merit will be responsible for success and riches. There is a strong influence of another person at the age of 28 or so. A blunder at age of 35 hinders the career and then onwards only hard work will keep you going.

Line of health touching the line of life indicate health problems in old age.

Girdle of venus-it appears to run into line of marriage. Shows highly sensitive, intellectual, sensual nature, changeable in moods, easily offended and touchy over little things. Happiness is marred by peculiarities of temperament, exacting nature and it will be hard to live with you for your wife. You will want as many virtues in your wife as there are stars in the universe.

Somehow I get a feeling that a good hand has been spoiled by wrong attitude.

My Views

I thank Bagepalli Sriramadesikan Srinivasan for giving the reading for my hand in July.

I like the reading. With some of that, I was familiar, but many new things also discover.

I will try to figure out what is going wrong in my life so I make it right.

He said, " Somehow I get a feeling that a good hand has been spoiled by wrong attitude. "

I think I agree with him because there was the bit of difference in both my hands.

I will try to change that and again try to get the reading and in more detail.

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