Sunday 30 October 2005

Little about Plans

I have many plans in my mind to do, but when I am trying to start it, its exam time.

I have plans to make a movies in Maya, write poems, stories, websites, much more.

It is very difficult to work in the environment where there is lots of disturbance and you have to do many other things too, like you been controlled.

For things, a person want to do is only be done, when he/she finds silence, or have a personal room or laptop to do his/her work as he/she want.

After my exams, which are in December, I have a project pending, for my course I'm doing, which be submitted in the end of January 2006.

After that, I have time to start my projects, which I have to accomplish and I will.

Never ignore your plans, note it down where you will see it again and finish it.

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