Sunday 10 November 2013

Creative Task of the Week #2 - Character Profile

This week at MOOC - Future of Storytelling is to write about one of the character's profile in the tv series and what was its hooked point. I'd tried my best to write about the character without revealing much which can spoil for the people who haven't watched the series.

Till now this course is going great, and I invite you guys to join it. It's worth it.


Whether it is desires, enemies, professions, hobbies, religions, behaviorisms or else: Please copy and fill out the form with all the info you got from watching the show. (the list is also downloadable via pdf) Maybe it helps to rewatch one of the episodes first.
Think about what makes this protagonist worth following through a whole series of episodes. What is it that HOOKed you?

Character Profile:

Character Profile

Physical DescriptionHeight: 5’7”
Weight: 55kg approx.
Body: athlete
Hair: light brown
Eyes: reddish-brown eyes

Gender: Male
Age: around 17-19
Species: Human

Personality/Nature: Popular, hardworking and talented genius. Fights for justice.
Ambitions/Desires: Getting rid of all evils and providing justice.
Is mostly seen as: Executioner / Vigilante
Sees himself as: God of the New World

Loves: his Family
Believes in: a world without evil
Trusts: himself
Fears most: losing
Fights for: better World
Hates: interference

Most important event in life up to date: Winning over L
Most influenced by: his ego

Best Friends: None
Worst Enemies: L
Relationship/Family status: Engaged

Occupation: Japanese Task Force
Education: High school student
Hobbies: Tennis
Special Skills/Talents: Power to kill any one at any time
Flaws: Over-confident
Special behaviorism(s), quirks,…: manipulation, self consciousness

Style (Dress/Life Style): Well-dressed, usually wears suit when not in his school uniform

Light Yagami from Death Note
Light Yagami from Death Note

Name: Light Yagami
Alias: Kira

TV Series: Death Note (anime)

Protagonist worth following through..

Overall characteristics of Light Yagami was very strong. Trying to change the world on his own terms, by risking his family members and himself for the greater good was one the key elements for getting me hooked to him. It was more of a chess game between Light and L as both were highly intellectual.


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