Sunday 16 January 2011

10 best animation tips & tricks

By Kenny Roy as appeared in 3D World Magazine

Whether animating in a bedroom of a major studio, you’ll save hours of time and frustration by reading our top tips and tricks for animation.

This image is from Mike Stern’s short Distraxion, made for

As software and hardware improve, audiences demand more sophisticated performances. And as deadlines and budgets shrink, animators are racing against time more than ever.

It’s true that many concepts of character animation will never change: the 12 principles of Disney’s ‘old men’ are as etched in stone as any rule. On the other hand, animators need to grow with the industry and try to continue to deliver work on time and budget.

In putting together these tips, we’ve focused on concepts that are quick adjustments for animators to make, but that will also continue to benefit your work as you progress into your career.

The animator’s bag of tricks is more important than ever…

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