Friday 27 February 2009


A human life consist of many things. Without a goal, life is meaningless. Goal without any planning is hard to get. To achieve your dream or passion, you have to work for it. Try to see your life with handful of opportunities. Every single individual in this world have an aim of his or of others. Opportunities are right their laying always in front of you. Some can recognize it immediately, some don't. We have to see that how far such an opportunity can take closer to your goal. Sometime we took a long route, but its not bad to take. It will bring so much experience on your destination.

Just remember, work for your goal for a while and enjoy your hardships. Make yourself devoted to your aim. When you get down, try to motivate yourself. You should not depend on others. Your aim, your goal, your responsibility.

These were my 2 cents of advice on goal. Hope you get it :)

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