Tuesday 24 October 2006

The Mystery of missing Ear-ring

Written on Tuesday October 24, 2006

Yes, I know, it’s been past 4 to 5 months now and it still says about the mystery of the missing ear-ring.

Finally here is the revealed mystery.

It’s all started in May. We have a maid, who used to wash dishes, and broom the flat. As you always know, they are making easy money by not doing there work they supposed to. The dishes are washed by her, and then we have to do that also, because the powder or liquid or the surface of dishes not cleaned. When she broom, also leave many spots and sometimes skip the room. Even some maids are theft. They make them self comfortable and try to finish work as quietly, as they have another work waiting at another location. They act as they are the boss.

Anyway, on their behaviour and attitude, a new article can be written. So, what happened was that, in the evening, my mom came to us telling the screw of the gold ear-ring had been fallen some where. We search the mom's room, and one or two another rooms, where it can be found. However, we failed to find any where in the house. We waited for the next morning for the maid to clean. This is the best and possible way to be found things.

Negative! Nothing was found. Day’s passes, where could it be? It should be found in the cleaning. It can be stolen or not been spotted. We leave that case open.

After couples of week, one evening of Saturday, we notice a small lizard stuck in the bathroom. We tried to get rid of him by showing him the way out from window, but it stuck-ed in the corner, afraid, hiding, and confused.

The lizard was still living in the bathroom. I was watching David Letterman, Tom Hanks was the guest for his movie Da Vinci Code. It was about 00:30 am, still try to get him out as we notice, he was staying.

At last, dad picks the sink plumper and tried to suck the little creature. The lizard hang on to it and then dad balances the pump out in the gallery.

"Let the pump go", was the thought of us, when the lizard and the pump were in the gallery. In six or seven hours we have made the bonding with him. I was thinking of keeping him by then. It was cute too. Finally the little lizard falls down. He was saved and gone for good.

But you would be wondering what about the missing screw of gold ear-ring. What the link between these two stories?

It has the link, what we can say is that it was the sign from the Divine source. That little guy was just the way of giving us the clue, because it was odd, staying in the flats for too long and neither dying nor leaving. The lizard had gone out only through the support of sink pump and after spending it living for six to seven hours.

Here what happened…

The ear-rings were on my mom's ear at the time of screw disappeared. She was cleaning the bathroom at that time. When she finished her work and after a while when doing other works, maybe in evening she noticed when look at her in the mirror. She was in her room, so the first thing click in her mind was her own room to check, then the others.

However, it was missing for more than 2 weeks. Where can it be?

But the clue was given through the lizard, which showed us where it was. It was pined in the pump all along these weeks. When the lizard fallen, dad checked the bottom of the pump, to make sure that lizard had left the flat. He noticed the screw was pinned in the pump.

Sometimes, in our lives too, we got many signs and opportunities, which can change the whole life of the person.

We should be attentive to all the happenings in our life.

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