Friday 2 June 2006

First Job Interview of 2004

It’s quiet a long time, I haven't written any thing about me.

Today I like to share my first interview experience and how it is done in Karachi, Pakistan.

Not remember the date or the month, but I can tell it was in between July and September. I was free after my Intermediate papers and the admission was in January 2005 for bachelors. I applied for first time for a job as a Computer Operator as a part time job. I found the advertisement in the Newspaper and applied for it by sending my CV through email which was asked for. After applying, I resume what I was doing.

Then after two or three days, I got call from there. I don't know the firm at all, because very few mentioned there company's or firm's name. I don't clearly remember when he had called me there for interview but I think it was the next day. At that time too, I was into Computer Graphics and was using 2D software Adobe Photoshop (which I still using) for making creative graphics for my personal interests.

So, I grab my friend and walk for interview. I just knew what software would be required for a job, which was Microsoft Office (includes MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access, etc.), but I don't know which one of these they were using. They have given me time and I reached at that. However, there were at least two candidates before me. I had waited for about half an hour, during which they gave me the form in which I have to fill the personal details and expected salary. I even knew the firm's name after I received the form, where at the top of the form was the heading of their firm. It was the women law firm association.

Then after waiting, I got my number and I was interviewed by a woman which was gone fine, afterwards a man take my test, he would be near 30. Communication between us was going fine. Test was okay, I have to use Excel and Word. I have worked in both of these problems according to my requirements. In work he was checking typing speed, which was slow because of the old keyboard available there. I have an average speed. Okay, after test, some questions, then, said we will call you. I knew I can't get this job because I am not fit in these types of jobs. And then, I got no response from them.

However, in the same year, they called again, but they wanted me to come right away, same day. After first interview, I had made my mind to work only as a Graphic Designer. I use Microsoft Office very rarely. I have not sent my CV again nor I contacted them, but they have the record of me. Okay, I visited them again, immediately after the call, alone this time. I was thinking what they want now. He has said nothing on the phone, just said to visit them for interview.

I reached there and same process, but not form filling this time, because it was filled in my first visit. Some more questions. Finally I had met the lawyer. It was the month of December; I have made my mind to do the job only if it is part time. I don't want to make my studies suffer. When I was interviewed by the old female lawyer, its came to my attention that they want full time now and salary was very low. I explain about why I can't do full time and I am into Graphics. I finished talking to them by declaring that I can't work like that and I went back home.

There were two interviews at the same place, one was part time and other was full time. In 2004, only these two interviews have been taken place.

There are many things left to be share, which will be soon be revealed to you.

Thank you for your time.

Have a nice day!

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