Sunday 2 April 2006

Robbery at Midnight

This is true event occurred in our building yesterday morning.

At late night before going for sleep around 2am or 2:30am on April 01, 2006. While I was standing in the gallery and looking down. I notice that all the lights down in our building were closed. Which makes me and my brother suspicious. However we gone for sleep.

In the morning when I woke up, I heard the news.

Between 4:30am to 5:30am, the robbery have been done. Three flats were broken and robbery was done in one.

All three household go to Jamat Khana (worship place) in the morning.

One on first, another on second floor and one was at the fifth floor. Before broking in, they close other flats gates from outside which were close to those flats.

They entered two flats without taking any thing, it was really odd or may be there were men in the house that's way.

The one which was broken and robbery was done, was because both the adults were gone and they (robbers) entered, spray the kids and easily emptied the flat.

Where was the gate keeper? Why was the lights closed.

The gate keeper is the one who know all the information and he can't be involved in it alone.

As I came to my conclusion, the previous gate keeper, as his chances are too much, as he have created too much problem before and also he was a thief too. Involvement of current gate keeper, which is obvious, and the involvement of the any of the person of the same building. It was the big plan. People are now afraid too much.

Is it karma?

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