Monday 10 April 2006

Achieve Your Dreams with Intention

Life is filled with reflections that often seem to be coincidental. Acts of faith and love are returned many times to people who first shared these acts with others. They did so expecting nothing in return. Yet there will always be reflections of thought and action.

Eric Hoffer wrote, "It is not so much the example of others we imitate as the reflection of ourselves in their eyes and the echo of ourselves in their words."

Like a healthy tree that bears fruit year after year, one's outer life will always mirror his or her inner being. One's self-talk and attitude always echo back from his or her outer world.

There is a familiar saying, "You'll get from a thing exactly what you put into it." Actually, you will get back multiples of what you give. No matter what you want to achieve, one of the most powerful forces with which to begin your dream is intention. Intention drives thought and action!

Intention is more than a wish, whim, or "I'll try it and see" attitude. Intention is powered by God-given faith and courage to make a plan, act on that plan, and see it through to the best of one's ability.

When we move forward with the intention to achieve, the echoes we get back will be strong and clear. They will bring the events and circumstances that move us closer toward our dreams.

Ideas can appear that seem to miraculously provide ways around the most perplexing situations. These ideas are just the beginning of the reflections inspired by faith and intention.

What would you most like to see reflected back into your life?

Hold your vision clearly and firmly in mind without wavering. Give generously to help others solve problems. Your intention and inspired reflections will help you to achieve the most cherished dreams of your heart!

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