Monday 7 November 2005


It's not that I was intending to send e-cards this morning. I was just cleaning out the urls stored in my browser favorites, while simultaneously wondering what I'd blog about today……..

……when I came across this site called StoryPeople, ( and thought, what a cool place to find some inspiration.

Then I realized: Inspiration is all around us, all the time. Most of us tend to ignore it, but it's everywhere. The word inspire literally means to breathe in the spirit. We have to take it in, and this means we have to be open, receptive, waiting, allowing, unhurried and undistracted by our mental chatter, emotional tapes, and unconscious behavioral habits.

Becoming inspired isn't difficult; it's magic. It's allowing the energetic spirit of something to change your consciousness. It's shifting your focus, gifting yourself with a different perspective, stregthening your lifeforce.

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath right now. Allow your eyes to open with a soft gaze. Breathe in the spirit of the view out your window, or the cyclmen in your living room, or the sound of crows nearby. What's waiting to inspire you today? What's wanting to be taken in by you, to become a part of your spirit?

Deah Curry PhD is a psychospiritual educator, author, and therapist in the Puget Sound region. More of her writings are available at and

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